Vivid Yellow Sweeper Building Blocks

Ideal educational toy for children from 2 to 4 years old. It contributes to the development of children’s motor skills, logic, mathematical abilities, as well as fighting speech disorders and autism.

  • Item Type: Kid’s Toys
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 12.5 x 8 cm
  • Set Includes: 102 Pcs
  • Features: Kid’s Toys, Girl’s, Boy’s, Building Blocks, Sweeper, Car

131 thoughts on “Vivid Yellow Sweeper Building Blocks”

  1. No nie jest to Lego. Mój 4letni syn składał smieciarke z pomocą męża bo elementy ciężko się wciskalo. Efekt finalny zadowalający, ale następnym razem dołożę jednak do LEGO.

  2. Качество хорошее , но хотелось по быстрей получить .Спасибо продавцу , всегда шел на общение, советую всем.

  3. Shipping to Moscow Region 3 weeks. The machine is small (fits in the palm). The Parts are very small, old child quickly all broke, because it is. The parts are barely barely attached.

  4. All the details in place, this hose (?) just looked at, is glued base, broke in the middle, glued tape, etc. to. Super Glue didn’t take! Now is wrote, he again порвалсяXD

  5. The photo shows one of rubber tubes damaged, because the little things shoot star will not. All parts are smooth, gather good, baby happy, and what else for my mother.

  6. Order came in an envelope. Everything is in place. Ordered 18.10.2018. Come In 19.122018. Somewhere around months tracking is not available. Otherwise all OK!

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