Kid’s Musical Farm Toy

Ideal educational toy for children from 0 to 4 years old. Contributes to the development of musical hearing, sense of rhythm, reveals the creative potential of your child.

  • Item Type: Musical Toy
  • Material: Plastic
  • Features: Educational, Electronic
  • Knock Piano Scale: 5 Scales
  • Size: 15 x 17.5 cm
  • Features: Plastic Toy, Toy, Musical Toy, Educational, Electronic Toy

27 thoughts on “Kid’s Musical Farm Toy”

  1. cool toy. whole came no smell. put in inbox. what came minus inserted where cover on болтика without batteries. volume control and no. very loud sound. but basically baby. three order come.

  2. The overall appearance of the toy is good but I didn’t like the following: – the battery box screw is missing, it means the baby can open it ant swallow the batteries; -the accent of the’s not an English speaker, is it? I guess, it’s n Asian person may be? – the vocabulary is …kinda…not Canadian. Okay, i know that “a cock” means “a rooster”, but why do they call a cow-” a kettle”? Or, sheep is clearly pronounced to be “shit”-I’m not joking! I listened several times and the lady clearly pronounces is as “shit”. Ridiculous.

  3. if package donot came, продлевала protection, but alas, even отслеживалась package. dispute разрешал site, my favor. returned money

  4. can’t appreciate, not as пришёл. more ждала three months. открывала double dispute, the money returned store third time… only for 4 star ставлю refund.

  5. very nice musical instrument for babies , different sounds are available and my baby likes it a lot , thank you so much for nice toy

  6. super fine To free Price the It, unique snag you I see, Is wherein the ring a bell super strongman and It no Button adjust the Volume or even the quites, To no battery it remove las ring.

  7. игруха excellent, baby like. лейкопластырем заклеить to sound, adult even ear true чур loud and cuts through it. adhesive plaster on bang problem resolved.

  8. commodity: elegant small money such for toy! it has 2 modes: interactive and. buttons нажимаешь in, melodies and different there and animal sounds. can in угадывать animal (explanations in english, language learning заодно) keys-and notes. baby (6 months) more will understand how not to press but пугается and not listening. поиграла it very it more light turns on. протёрла alcohol, сошла paint. about shipping: not track отслеживался general, but here approaching to place of receipt as it was seen in the application. общалась not the store. themselves like продлевали buyer protection, remember not accurately. сыктывкар in 40 days delivered. so so packaging, damage but no. satisfied commodity, maybe more order.

  9. spb шла to 2 month. has been should be tracked but without отслеживаний in total. in english, russian will думала i)) loud sounds toy полне so as not bad

  10. toy baby like (8мес)! on 3 batteries and play loud. пупырки pack without easy was packed, думала work that i will toy but strong. with height and стульчика rolls baby all ok! advice

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