Entertaining Educational Wood Kid’s Montessori Toy

Ideal educational toy for children from the age of 1. Promotes the development of skills such as; communication, problem solving, independent thinking and obedience.

  • Item Type: Kid’s Toy
  • Material: Wood
  • Features: Kid’s Toy, Educational Kid’s Toy, Kid’s Puzzle, Montessori Toy, Brain Teaser
  • Age: > 1 Years
  • Size: 8 * 13 cm

122 thoughts on “Entertaining Educational Wood Kid’s Montessori Toy”

  1. Līdz Latvijai atnāca salīdzinoši ātri, 22dienas. Pati prece laba, bet pogas varētu būt lielākas, bērnu vienu pašu ar spēli neatstātu.

  2. A-shirt with sleek corners. Very satisfied with the goods. Daughter did not play, she does not sew, but the buttons отколупывает. AND then playing with them.

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