Educational Musical Plastic Kid’s Toy Piano

Ideal educational toy for children from the age of 3. Contributes to the development of musical hearing, sense of rhythm, reveals the creative potential of your child.

  • Item Type: Kid’s Toy
  • Material: Plastic
  • Features: Kid’s Toy, Educational Kid’s Toy, Plastic Toy Piano, Toy Piano, Musical Toy Piano
  • Age: > 3 Years
  • Size: 18.5 * 5.6 * 2.5 cm

19 thoughts on “Educational Musical Plastic Kid’s Toy Piano”

  1. only so much to us $5. 6 month a cocugu oyaliyor slightly. a not so cool beklentim did not exist. this yuzden beklentimi karsiladi.

  2. and пищит поёт. yellow two switches пимпочка mode. just on each key издаёт sound, sound when press the key on and tune its each. such price for yourself is a good toy. transparent скачут окошечке styrofoam round beads all the time, yet sounds tune.

  3. good goods. sounds loudly. 2 modes: melody sounds and individual keys. very small but thing. yellow requested, pink sent. all the rest and good!

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