Drawing Template

Ideal educational toy for children from the age of 3. Favourably contributes to the development of creative skills, self-expression, attention and perception.

  • Item Type: Stencil
  • Material: PVC
  • Age: >3 Years Old
  • Features: Drawing, Toys, Funny, Creative, Art Supplies, Brushes, Painting Tool

29 thoughts on “Drawing Template”

  1. 4 all брали; quality medium (прорезей недоделанных have many tiny details) size description. брали 3-х baby-like, often capillary draws handle (rod only such thin). baby familiar designs on many options theme. good price! without retail package.

  2. Very nice toy, beautiful colors and decoration, delivered quick and in good shape for all order ! very happy with the store service

  3. Thank you to the store The product is very beautiful and appropriate I wish everyone his experience and I will buy it again thank you very much

  4. I bought 35 of these for a 2nd grade class project on making maps. It was amazing to see these little kids using these stencils to make maps of where they live. The only possible drawback to these stencils is that the lines are very thin – you need a very sharp pencil to trace them properly. Other than that, I wish I had been able to order 35 of each stencil. Thank you!

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