Cute Entertaining Colorful Paper 3D Puzzle

Ideal educational toy for children from the age of 3. Promotes the development of spatial orientation and logical thinking, motor skills, hands and fingers. With their help, children learn to solve new creative problems.

  • Item Type: Kid’s Puzzle
  • Material: EVA, Paper
  • Features: Kid’s Toy, Kid’s Puzzle, DIY Kit, 3D Puzzle, Paper Puzzle
  • Age: > 3 Years
  • Size: 21 * 14 * 1 cm

171 thoughts on “Cute Entertaining Colorful Paper 3D Puzzle”

  1. Mo went over a month (the TER-RII Russia, of course). Until then ordered the house. All good, although one school was: incorrect item (mirror image) in the castle.

  2. Very cool houses! More have more) child almost old years, of course, he is not going to, but followed the process with interest and help, and my mother was very interesting!))

  3. Custom made 2 Jan, Volgograd region puzzle came 4 Feb, dropped in the box. The view that does not damaged, after assembly will add a review photos and share experiences.

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