Challenging Educational Mathematical Montessori Game

Ideal educational toy for children from the age of 3. Promotes the development of mathematical thinking, calculus, logic and problem solving. Promotes the development of skills such as; communication, independent thinking and obedience.

  • Item Type: Kid’s Game
  • Material: Wood
  • Features: Kid’s Game, Educational Kid’s Game, Montessori Set, Wood Kid’s Game, Mathematical Kid’s Game
  • Set Includes: 2 Boards, 100 Red Beads, 10 Cards, 1 Red Disk, 81 Green Beads, 9 Green Skittles
  • Age: > 3 Years
  • Board Size: 22.7 * 22.7 cm

37 thoughts on “Challenging Educational Mathematical Montessori Game”

  1. Отлично! Дощечки аккуратные, края обработаны, все сделано качественно, не кустарно. Посылка отслеживалась.

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