Barron Trump Called ‘Special Needs Kid’ Because he Played with a Fidget Spinner

Coming off of Air Force One this weekend, Barron Trump was spotted wearing a pretty amazing t-shirt. It said “The Expert” on it and had headline writers in a tizzy. There was another detail that was interesting about Barron’s plane departure: He was playing with a fidget spinner. Fidget spinners are a huge fad among American teenagers. The three-sided spinning disc has been touted as the most popular toy in the country right now.
Fidget spinners can be flicked and spun and have been suggested as therapeutic for some children.

According to the New Yorker, fidget spinners can have a therapeutic effect:

Not quite a toy, not exactly a gadget, nor precisely a therapeutic device—and yet, somehow, and infuriatingly, all of those things at once—a fidget spinner is a palm-sized, usually three-pronged object made from plastic or metal or a combination of the two, designed to be spun between finger and thumb… it’s not uncommon for educators and therapists to recommend hand-sized toys, like squishy balls or squeezy tubes, as a concentration aide for kids who have a hard time following classroom rules.

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